AC dielectric - HVI

AC Dielectric Test Sets
Withstand Testing for Electrical Apparatus

HVI produces several lines of power frequency output AC high voltage test sets. These testers perform AC withstand testing to verify the AC voltage integrity of insulation.

VLF AC Technology

Delivering Seamless Cable Testing Efficiency

VLF technology applies high AC voltages to cables, motors, generators, and other highly capacitive loads using test equipment that is portable, easier to use, and more economical than conventional methods. These tests can now be conducted at 0.1 Hz. or lower with test voltages of 1 Uo – 3 Uo, or 1 – 3 x normal operating voltage.

Cable Fault Locators - HVI


HVI has extensive knowledge and field experience in fault locating and cable testing along with the best tools for the job. Fault locating requires more than just a thumper. Efficient fault locating requires the convergence of knowledge, methodology, and the right hardware. A total approach is needed to get the job done quickly to minimize customer outage time and prevent further damage to the cable system. This includes knowledge of the cable systems design, construction, history, accurate maps, proper fault locating procedures and the right thumper which should include a high resistance fault burn down method, time domain reflectometer/cable radar compatibility, and a top-level acoustic/electromagnetic listening device. HVI can assemble the best system and approach possible to meet all needs from 5kV – 230kV cable.

Oil DIelectric Test Sets - HVI

Oil Dielectric Test Sets
DTS Series

Features and Benefits

Oil Dielectric AC test sets provide replicable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. These lightweight, rugged units are designed for field and laboratory use.

Aerial Lift Testers - HVI

Aerial Lift Dielectric Testing
Dielectric Testing of Booms, Liners, & Fluids

High Voltage Inc, is the leading supplier of high voltage test equipment designed to test all insulating components of aerial lifts and trucks. Whether testing with AC or DC voltage, HVI offers the best in class instruments available for testing booms, liners and insulating fluids.

Neutral Resistance Tester Ω-Check®

Features and Benefits

The Ω-Check® concentric neutral resistance tester (Model OCK-30) is unique and useful. It injects an AC current through a live cable neutral and measures the voltage drop to calculate the resistance of that neutral. Based on previous data of the cable under test, the machine compares the measured data to that of a perfect cable to determine the level of neutral deterioration, or how many concentric neutral strands have opened.

DVR Series - HVI

HV AC/DC Dividers
DVR Series

The DVR Series offers a 150 kV and a 300 kV AC/DC model designed with precision resistor/capacitor networks that provide low voltage outputs proportional to the applied high voltage input. Their 1000:1 and 10,000:1 ratios (respectively) extend the measurement capability of most digital voltmeters and oscilloscopes to 150,000 V or 300,000 V.

The dividers include a switchable low-end impedance to match various metering inputs. Both are suited for waveshape/harmonic analysis using a standard oscilloscope and can be used to measure DC multiplier circuits or AC transformers, limited only by the digital voltmeter (DVM) connected as the metering device.